Pacifier Clip

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Pacifier Clip
Teething is a dreaded time for any parent! The Pacifier Clips are made with silicone beads that your baby can chew and play with while attaching to a pacifier (soother) to stop it from falling when clipped to your little one.
Having something special to chew on will help soothe your little ones gums and make the tough days more bearable! 
This pacifier clip is part of our One Of A Kind Collection. There is no other like it available in the shop.

Returns and exchanges are not accepted on any teething products for hygienic reasons. 

Care Instructions:

Do not use if there is any damage to the product.

Do not submerge in water. Spot clean with a damp wipe or a wipe designed for cleaning pacifiers and teething products.

Supervise your child while they are using this product. 

All teething products are made with BPA free silicone making it safe for your little ones to handle and chew on. 
Note: This teething ring will be sent from our caring hands within 24 hours

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