Hand Picked Fabric, Handmade Products, All Made Special For Your Little One
Hand Picked Fabric, Handmade Products, All Made Special For Your Little One
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Giving Back

I think it is really important to support charities that are trying to give back and help people. It is for this reason that Madelicious Treasures is donating 10% of every purchase of a personalized blanket or swaddle to the Hayes Tough Foundation.

The prices of each of the personalized products has not changed at all so it does not cost you anything extra, the donation is coming strictly from the profits made. 

You may be wondering what the Hayes Tough Foundation does and why we chose to donate to them. 

The Hayes Tough Foundation is run by two parents, Steve and Savannah who lost one of their triplets, Hayes, to cancer. They turned their grief into something incredible to help support families and children who are going through what they did. Having a child in the hospital can be very expensive from parents taking time off work and all the bills associated so they raise money to help parents and provide gifts for children fighting cancer. 

Madelicious Treasures is all about babies and children which is why we have chosen to donate to a charity that works hard to support babies, kids and their families going through an unimaginably tough time. As a mom I could not imagine what the Tate family went through or what many are still currently dealing with and feel that it is important to give back any way we can. 

Taken from the website:

The HayesTough Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support and hope to families affected by childhood cancer. Every year nearly 100,000 kids die from Childhood Cancer, which is almost 300 kids per day. Despite these numbers, childhood cancer research is vastly underfunded.


You can read more about the amazing work they are doing over at Hayestough.org or you can read the book The 20 Month Legend written by Steve documenting their journey.

Thank you for helping me support an amazing cause with your purchase of any personalized swaddle or blanket.