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Hey everyone. Welcome to Madelicious Treasures. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and a bit of who is behind the scenes.



My name is Amy, I am a lucky mummy to a beautiful little girl named Maddy. She is the inspiration behind everything that is sold in the store. I single handedly make or source every product you see in the store and make sure it is the best quality to send for your little one. 



I do have an assistant who (thinks she) helps out a lot around the studio - Maddy! She will often sit on my lap while I am sewing some great products to add to the store and will help make sure your packages get to the post office safe and sound. She takes her job very seriously when it comes to delivering your packages. 


I want to say a sincere thank you to you for shopping with Madelicious Treasures and supporting my small store. I cannot wait to make items that your little one will love for years to come. 


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